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Backyard Spring Wedding & Reception tips

Tying the knot is extremely exciting and an excellent opportunity to bust out your design and event planning skills for an intimate backyard wedding! It might be a little bit more work, but it will be well worth it in the end, especially when you see how happy and satisfied your guests are with your personalized touch!

So if your question is, “how do I host a successful backyard spring wedding and reception?” then keep reading because we’ve got the best tips and tricks in town!

Pen & Paper Planning
The first thing to do is to sit down and think about what theme you want to have, who to invite, and the food you want to serve. It will be the backbone of your wedding and will help you determine what needs to buy. Take note of how many tables and chairs you need to rent as well as how much food needs to be prepared or catered.
Prep Your Backyard
Make sure your plants and flowers are purchased in time and that your grass is well groomed. Even though your garden will start blooming with the arrival of spring, buying some fresh new plants and flowers can help create a more aesthetic atmosphere!
Invest in a Tent
Perhaps one of the most important tips for hosting a successful backyard wedding is to invest in a good quality tent. Tents are an excellent source of shelter no matter what the forecast brings; whether it be sunshine or rain. If you don’t already have a tent in hand, then browse our collection of Gazebo Tents to find the perfect fit for your backyard!
A Dance Floor is a Must
What’s a wedding without lots of dancing? Make sure you have a designated space that is flat, smooth, and made just for dancing. If you don’t have concrete flooring, then perhaps it might be a good idea to rent a dance floor for your guests!
Decorate It Your
Your decorations are going to create the ambiance of the wedding and bring out the intended theme. It is your time to shine and to bring out those decorating skills you’ve always wanted to use!
Following these five tips will help you organize a beautiful and memorable evening. You've made an excellent choice by deciding to celebrate in your home. So, be prepared for the big night and don't forget to enjoy it to the max!


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